Welcome to the world of blogging

Hi  everyone,

Welcome to my blog.  To begin with, I would like to say that  this is going to be a nice place to get news from the classroom and beyond. I am looking forward to seeing pages and pages of nice things in the near future.         


2 responses to “Welcome to the world of blogging

  1. Hi everybody
    Nice blog!
    Cultural identity: perhaps it`s defined very early in life by the patterns of thought we develop. In my view, the culture and the national environment you are brought up in mark you for life.

    In my case I grew up in England and came to Brazil as a young adult. In my childhood Iwas taught that time was important and punctuality is the politeness of kings. After nearly 40 years in Brazil I’m a bit more relaxed about time, but I still get stressed when I think I’m going to be late for something (In Brasilia this means lots of traffic fines!!)

    This is just a small example of things instilled in us in ealy life- do you have others?

  2. I think that this story is making up because the british people never late. If someone live in Brasil for 40 years will relaxed about time. I, for examle, never arrive late in places or party. I get stressed when I haven’t enough time for to do my obligations. I wake up very early every day, because I like to arrive in my job 30 minutes before. In my opinion, the impunctuality is cultural in Brazil. When I’m going to do something in Braslia, I go out late because the traffic is not good im my city. There are in Brazilian many people that have british punctuality, they are polite persons. I’s comum in Brazil, politicians and artists arrive very late in meeting and party, but they don’t are irresponsible, this comportament is considered elegant.

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