Story, stories, different stories


A house in Israel       A house in Lebanon

The  conflict in Lebanon (Israel versus  Hezbollah) has been going on for sometime. It is everywhere, it is in the news, in all kinds of media. Many people are leaving the area. There are lots of stories. What are the ones you have heard and what do you think about them? What kinds of stories have been told? Why? Do you believe them? Have stories been altered,  made up? Have all of them been covered? Please, give you views.


7 responses to “Story, stories, different stories

  1. This conflict is in most of us. I don’t have any Lebanese relation, despite my name -which is from that origen I was told-but there are many immigrants from Lebanon in my country, in everytown. They have helped build this country.

    I heard a story from a Venezuelan-Lebanese mother and her 30 y.o. daughter, living in Lebanon for a while. They had gone to border town to spend a weekend. When it was attacked, they had to hide in underground shelters for several days, no food and scarce water. One day, the daughter decided to escape or die. She took her car, drove it for hours, they walked, went into Israel to get safely to a relative’s house. Now, they are safe and sound in Venezuela after a very long long trip.

    There’s another family that decided to move there this year after they lost 2 of their sons who had been kidnapped and murdered. Now, they are back here, a place with painful memories for them.

    So, violence is terrible, there’s no excuse! Where are we heading? What are we going to do? Who has the answers?


  2. This stories is so sad. the conflict is so big and going on for years in this area, not for the same guilts (not necessary with Hezbollah, maybe with others groups). Israel is in conflit with palestine too for exemple.

    The familys of israel is too scared, don’t have food because of the tatics of war used in this conflict. all the days have a bombs blow up in the streets and the fear is alastred. We expected this conflit end, but actually it’s not esier.

    And we? We can do for those people?


  3. This conflit afect all of us, because we are seen the total disrespect about the life and humanity. I have a friend and she is a lebanese and she was in Lebanon when the war start. Now she come back to Brasil. She sad that your childrens don’t t go to Lebanon again because they saw terrible things. My friend sad to me that she can’t slept because they heared the bomb all the nigth and when they go out they can saw many children died in the street. I think that the government of others countrs need to do anthing to stop this war, because innocent people are die.


  4. I thing Lebanon and Israel and outhers country’s’ started fighting only for one condition , this condition is the ” what’s the best religion ?”, In my opinion the war started in the respect into the religions. I thing the world should have the same model in the letters of the music of John Lennon “image”, because this music say’s about religion in the world too. John lennon image the world without religions in your music, and you?? you can’t image this?????Because i thing is impossble have respect in all religions in the world.

  5. Conceição Soares Pimentel

    This is a very sad story. Only people who live in middle of war know what it mean. I have watched about the war on the TV and I fell very sad with the people’s actions around the world. I think that we won’t have much time in the Earth becouse live doesn’t seem important for most of the people. The most important for people today is money and power. I don’t understand how people can kill little children and think it is for love to their country or becouse it is good for something that they believe. I want to know what need to happen in the world to people stop and think about their actions. All of us have a part of responsability in what happen around us. All of us can do something for peace. What are we doing for peace? What are we doing for save our children to the death?


  6. where we are heading i don’t know, but i do know that we have what we deserve, doesn’t matter how feel about it, pitty or not, the world have been diging his own hole alone. Nobody knows what to do to finished this war, many people don’t even know what to do if their lifes, none knows anything, that’s the truth, If you want to do something about it just do don’t be questing yourself about what to do. As every body knows nobody has this anwers, i’m trired of hearing the same SAD things from people, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW that is terrible, we all know that’s scaring, we know we leading our men the death by following stupid leaders. It’s enough, the world is concerned about it. Let’s once in history do something about it, i know most of the time we are powerless when we find ourselfs in those situations, but please! let’s move on! If you can do something just do it, if you can’t do anything to end this war or help people from it, that’s ok?Just do the best you can on thing that is in your reach ! Don’t keep doing the same questions ! there is violence in everywhere, we can’t not close our eyes to other kinds of violence which happened all over the world, which has the same or even more violence than this war!
    Ps: i’m not saying you should not care about this war , just don’t be a prision of this fact!

  7. And how man’s children,
    “Brought forth in sorrow,
    Till the earth to eat their bread
    In the sweat of their face”,
    And in the name of god
    Shed each other’s blood
    That fills every furrow,
    And turns the soil
    Into a mass of reeking red mud
    On which they steal, and beg and borrow,
    And fool themselves & each other
    With promises of tomorrow;
    And the Serpent sneers at us
    From its dark burrow,
    And the Lord says: “Oh something’s wrong!
    But weren’t my plans precise & thorough?”

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