I became a beggar because I didn’t study and couldn’t get a good job. It was not my fault, my mother didn’t have money because she didn’t work either. And then, I needed to help my father support my family.

Ricardo and Romeu   



5 responses to “

  1. you could serch a job. then you will help you family like you want before.
    but never stop to try.

  2. Ricardo and Caíque

    I read your comment and I came up with some ideas.
    You could do a course, and then, you will get a good job. And you ‘ll can help your father.

  3. I rad your comments story and I came up some ideias:
    -I could hand out some pepars for help you.
    -I could give away some foods for your family.
    -I could fix up some toys and give for you sell them and you “make” money.

  4. pedro and kennedy

    I read your story and i could help you.It was not your mothers fault, because she wasted to help you and your father. you could help her at her work to make money.

  5. i understand,i lost everything when i had sergery on my spine,i am so broke that i cant even mail a letter,ben wating 2 years for disabilty.so you do it anyway you can,the only help you will get is from good people who really care.there are still some of them out there.good luck

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