I became a beggar because I didn’t have opportunity to have a good job. My father was  a homeless and drunk who beated up my mother and fought with me and my sisters. I want ed to go to school and my father didn’t like it because he wanted me working at home and asking for money on the city streets.

Rodrigo and Caio (El Matador)


3 responses to “

  1. I rad your coments and I came up with ideas:
    -I could find a job for you and for your family.
    -I could give away some clothings and food for your family.

  2. Conceição Soares Pimentel

    I read your comment and I come up with some ideas
    -I could give your father a good job to you can study with peace.
    -then you could help some beggars to become a good person like you.

  3. i rad my story and i come up with some ideas for me!!!
    i could stop drink and do a “supletivo rápido”, put my children to work at the supermarket

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