Music and me


If I had to tell you what kind of music came up when I was a child, I think I would start with things such as Roberto Carlos and the Jovem Guarda ( New School) trend. After that, there were Caetano Veloso with Tropicália  and Raul Seixas and  so on. As years went by, I also changed the kind of music I liked and listened to. How about yourself? What is your own personal history as far as music is concerned? How did your taste in music develop? Please place a comment and let us me update my slideshow with your own favorites.


6 responses to “Music and me

  1. In my childhood I used to listen Xuxa, Chiquititas and É o tchan. Then, I started to like the kind of music that I like until today, rock and hip hop.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Xuxa used to be really popular among kids. There was an entire Xuxa generation. Nowadays she is not that popular anymore. I remeber Chiquitas, and kids were crazy about it and it is history today just like Rebelde will be, I wonder if you like it (smiles). É o Tchan, yes that is true, used to be very popular with younger people an dadults as well. Now I think hip hop is really the rhythm of the moment. Thanks for sharing your musical history with us.

  3. Hi, José Antonio!

    When I was a child I didn’t have any musical taste and whatever was the hit at that time I used to listen and sing. As time goes by, I start listening classical music (symphonies) and Bossa Nova. Nowadays I really enjoy listening Jazz, Blues and MPB (Brazilian Pop Music).

  4. Hi Carlos,
    Amazing to see how you have evolved from a person who liked almost everything that was popular to such a sophisticated taste in music. I like Jazz and Blues, however, I cannot say I listen to any of those very often. Now, MPB is really something I like. It is good to know we have something in commons. By the way, like I said in class, I like Bossa Nova too.
    Big hug

  5. Hello José Antônio,

    I listened a lot of different singers when I was a child, like Angélica, Eliana, Sandy e Júnior, Rouge, KLB(I hate this now). Nowadays I prefer pop and rock internacional musics or rock brasilians bands like Jota Quest, CPM 22.

  6. Hi Lígia,

    I se you have had a long list of favorite singers and bands. It is true that we change and may times hate what we used to love. This is life. It is good to know that we are always changing. I, myself, have changed a lot as far as my musical taste is concerned. Being a teacher played a big role in this change. Many times I started liking certain kinds of music because my students liked them. I am not a big fan of CPM22, but Jota Quest is sure one of my favorites.


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