The next 100 years


We are now living in a time of changes. If we think about how our great grandparents lived in the beginning of the last century and how we are living today we can see that a great deal of changes have taken place. What does the future hold? What do you think will have happened in the next 100 years? What wil be happening? Do you believe the things shown in this video will have taken place or will be happening by then?


12 responses to “The next 100 years

  1. I think by the end of the century we will have created a modern public flight air traveling sistem.

    Jose Antonio on 31 Mar 2007 at 2:40 pm

    Hi Heloise,

    I thnk yoour prediction is very creative and it would be very easy to travel around. With the pressent problems we are facing with air travel, this would certainly be very welcome to many commuters.


  2. In a hundred years, I think pollution will have decreased because people will see that what was predicted really happened so they will take care of our world. To do that, society will do researche to find out things that would help to not destroy ozone layer anymore. Unfortunately, there will not have enough water for everybody. So, many people will die because of that.

    Jose Antonio
    on 31 Mar 2007 at 2:41 pm
    Dear Michelle,

    I hope your predictions in relation to our behavior come true. Our planet has been misstreated for so long. I do hope people realizee what they are doing and change the way they treat our sister earth and our nature in general. The otheer drk predicttions are not so good, but very likely to become a reality once we do not change our ways.

    All the best
    Jose Antonio

  3. I believe that by 2030 the bullet train will certainly have been built in Brasil, and more people will be living in apartments. In the next hundred years I think the population will have been more stabilized with a lot of older people.

    Jose Antonio on 31 Mar 2007 at 2:47pm
    Dearest Lígia

    The bullet train will most certainly become a reality. I just hope aour roads will be in better shape by then. Concerning a increase in the number of people living in apartments, I think you are right, because apartments are more convenient as a way of accomadating larger amounts of people.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas

    Jose Antonio

  4. In a hundred years, the population of the world will have increased a lot, so, many people won’t have a place to live.
    By 2107, the transportation service will have become better and faster.
    Fifty years from now, scientists will be developing a way to reduce pollution and the consequences of the global warming.
    In 2057, cell phones will have developed a lot, so they will have the same functions as a computer.
    By 2057 scientists will have found the cure to many diseases, such as: aids, cancer, … .

    Jose Antonio on 31 Mar 2007 at 2:30 pm

    Hi Rodrigo

    I really appreciate you sharing your predictions with us. On the housing issue, according to you, the scenario is not a pretty one, in fact, we are already having problems with hoursing and these problems likely to increase in the future. An imprrovement in transportation will certainly be welcome and will certainly happen. The other developments you mention are all feasible and I just hope the cure for cancer is discovered a little sooner.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. I think that our future will be dangerous, because the fossil fues. The countries will be in war, because the population will have increased so much. And the weather will be warming too much, so older people will get high blood pressure and other diseases.
    One thing that will be good is the technology, it will be in progress, so it can turn life easier. Pleople wil be able to do many things in their home, in their own computer.

    Jose Antonio on 31 Mar 2007 at 2:40 pm

    Dear Fernanda,

    The future you foresee is not a rosy one. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you on the case of fossil fuels as a trigger of greater global warming effects. I just hope there won’t be any wars, but our governments are not showing any signs of progress. It does not seem that there is a world agenda for peace. As far as technology is concerned, it does seem it promises a better for the ones with access to it. The problem is how many will benefit from this progress.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas
    Jose Antonio

  6. The next 100 years the population will be increasing and some towns will be together with another towns, about the environment the fossil fuels will have finished and people will use energy, and many countries will have difficult to take water, and about the society the violence will become impossible and will have much security.

  7. I think in the next 100 years we’ll have more problems than we have today. Population will have increased and there won’t be enough jobs to everybody. Because of that, violence will have become worse than today.

    Besides that, newer and more resistant diseases will be emerging because of: 1) inappropriate control of the development and use of new drugs and new foods, 2) degradation of the natural resources. More the development of new treatments for diseases more the diseases will become resistant. It’s like a dog chasing its own tail.

    Jose Antonio on 31 Mar 2007 at 2:45 pm

    You are right. Problems are likely to become bigger. The appearance of new deseases is already one of the top concern of doctors and the scientific community. I like the “dog chasing its own tail” analogy because that is the way most of us feel like.

    Thanks for sharing
    Jose Antonio

  8. I think that technology will be present in all things; In some years, the celular phones will have received a lot of functions that it will substitute many controls, equipments and maybe, the credit cards.
    In a decade, education will be focusing on old people, because they will haven´t learned about computers and all things will have been conected.
    About the enviroment, In 2010 the technology will be showing the main problems in our world and it will be able to sugest some suggestion to correct them.
    Well, I´m very optimistc and I believe that in the next 100 years, people will be changing the priorities and will start to think how to live better.

    Jose Antonio on 31 Mar 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Dear Marlon,

    I really enjoyed reading your predictions. I especially liked what you hve said about the change of focus in education. This is a possiblity once the world population is getting older and life expectancy is increasing due to progress in medicine and a change in lifestyle. I am also optimistic and trully believe human nature will find a way to build a better future.

    Jose Antonio

  9. Dennis in Phoenix

    Hi, José Antônio and students.

    The video was very engaging and thought-provoking. It was also a combination of what seems likely, based on the present, and what might be–if we learn from both the past and the present.

    The comments posted so far have shown an interesting mix of both “darkness” and “light.” I’m happy, however, that there is a recurring sense of optimism–because without the optimism of the young, our world has no future at all.

    The video reminded me of a childhood memory. When I was about six years old in the early 1950s, I had a great great aunt who died at age 106; she actually saw Abraham Lincoln! During her lifetime, there had been incredible changes in the world: electricity, radio, cars, air conditioning, airplanes, movies . . . and on and on and on. I often wonder, however, whether she believed there had been true progress.

    I’m still thinking about the video!

    Abraços from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

    (an online colleague of your teacher)

    Jose Antonio on 01 Apr 2007 at 06:07 am

    Dear Dennis,

    No one could have put it better. There is really a mix of light and darkness. In our discussions in class, we could see clearly this optimism of youth mixed with some skepticism of older students. And I think both are valuable tools to grasp reality and change it if we believe it is necessary. An optimism concerning their own, personal future and certain disbelief in the future of society, evironment…

    Coincidentally, this video also made me thought of my grandma (who died at the age of 86). She and her family migrated from a more coastal state to midwestern in the beginning of last century on horseback and wagons. When she died, we were traveling by planes.
    Like you, I am now also wondering if she would call it progress.

    Abraços from Brazil
    Jose Antonio

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  11. Anshul Srivastava

    Prediction of future is like trowing a stone in a chasm. We can’t predict but shape our future. We should stand together and address the basic problem we are facing. if we understand the problem correctly, we can cure it efficiently. In future we will have great power of technology, computerization, human work force, robotics, medical advancement and so on infinite cutting edge things. We talk about war, population, pollution, violence etc but we should understand that we only can solve these problems and we certainly can, all is required that we have to keep faith in us and choose the right way to live in this earth which is actually a heaven in the universe.

    Whatever our future shows us, we will survive as we are unique. God choose us to excel.

  12. Hello Anshul,
    Thanks a lot for the insightful comment you have left on my blog. You are right, the future belongs to God and we should really focus on trying to shape our present which is already very challenging.
    Kindest regards
    Jose Antonio

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