A Hundred Years Ago

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100 years ago there were a lot of good things and there weren’t many things we have today. What things were those. In Class we talked about chamber pots (very strange and funny for some students). After watching these cool films made by Amanda Furtado , Dominike /Amanda Franco , GabrielKarolyne , Marco Tulio , Victor and Emanuel  , please answer these questions: What things were there a hundred years ago? What things did not exist (there weren’t)? In your opinion was life better or worse? Why?

Still talking about 100 year ago, the group 55 (Déborah’s students) contributed with their creativity. Check out the films made by Barbara and Melissa, Gustavo, Diogo, and Samuel , and Gaby and Taty . João and Rafael, Jordana and Amanda also made interesting movies, but I did not receive them on my e-mail. Sorry guys.


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