Pronunciation Practice


Do you want to improve your pronunciation? The best way of doing this is practicing. You can do that listening to songs and singing along, talking to your classmates and teachers and paying attention to them. You can also check the links for pronunciation in the side bar. Another place is V- Host which allows you to type a sentence or a word and check to see how it is pronounced. When you open the page click on the orange bar called TTS Demo, after thant choose a male or female  character, type the sentence or word you want to check and click on say it  to listen to how it is pronounced. Tell me, did you like this site? Hugs from José. 


18 responses to “Pronunciation Practice

  1. i love the site

  2. In my opinion, this site is very funny. I liked it so much!!^^



  3. Natália and lilian

    I liked this website!I think it´s very good to learn more english, and train our pronunciation and it´s good because we can make a card for our friends in their birthday…

  4. Is beautiful here



  5. Luiza Vilela and Mariana

    We like so much. It’s very beautiful, now the class have a chance to talk on the internet. We love the idea. =D


  6. I like this blog.

  7. very good!!!!!

  8. The blog is good.

  9. this site is very good.

  10. Hi! Your blog is very creative and beautiful!! Congratulations for you creativity! XD~
    Thiago Gonzalez and Tahigo Alves

  11. Hi teacher…

    The blog is very cool and interesting.
    Congratulations! =D

    Bye teacher…

    Dani e Juh!

  12. Marmenha and Flávia

    It´s very nice. Will help me when I studying in my house.
    Good bye

  13. Alessandra e Aneline

    Hi teacher…
    Nice to meet you.
    We loved the program with the voices. We think a good ideia to study.

  14. Hi,

    Congratulations! It’s very interesting and easy to use. We will use a lot.


  15. I like this site, because is very important to listen the pronunciation.

  16. raphael and carol

    this blog is very interesting!
    We’ve learned very much with your site…
    When We come at home We’ll enter there again for more fun

    bye teacher!

    PS: I want a good grade for this

  17. Hi dear students,

    Thank you all for the kind comments you have posted to our blog. I do hope you continue using it to learn a little more.

    Big hug from your teacher

    José Antônio

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