The Rabbit and The Little Girl (by Vinicius)


One morning, a little rabbit was playing in a beautiful garden carrying a camera .

So a little girl came to talk to the rabbit:     ‘Are you taking pictures for your mother?’ Asked the little girl.    

‘Yes, I am’ said the rabbit.

So she asked him where his mother lived, and the rabbit told her, and went home.    

After two days the little girl went to the rabbit’s house and killed his family and robbed the camera. 

     Little girls can be bad persons.

(Story told by Vinícius – Juvenile 74)


2 responses to “The Rabbit and The Little Girl (by Vinicius)

  1. Oh Vinicius,

    You wrote such a tragic tale. Could you please write something which has a good end? I will really appreciate if you will write a story at the end of which the heroes become friends.

    Good luck!

    ~Ibrahim from Tajikistan

  2. Hi Vinicius,
    That is true. It is a trgic tale. Maybe you wanted to remind us that humans are not always good to animals. Even little girls can be bad.
    You are really creative.

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