Snow White (by Tábata)

My name is Myrian, but you always call me “Snow White’s step mother”. However, I’m not the step mother of that bad girl. She was a child when I found her walking in the forest. She had no family so I took care of her. The years went by and Snow White became a beautiful and greedy woman. The years went by for me, too. I was older and I couldn’t do the chores alone. I asked Snow White to help me cleaning our house. She felt indignation and made a plan: she created a beautiful story of witches, dwarfs and apples to win the prince’s heart. Now she has a life of a queen and everybody hates me. I was lovely, but I received hatred.
Moral of the story: don’t trust greedy people.
(Written by Tábata – Juvenile 74)


2 responses to “Snow White (by Tábata)

  1. Wow!!!, a new idol that falls down !!!
    I like your story very much. I hadn’t ever imagined that point .
    You’re right, sometimes life gives us surprises. People are not always like we think they are.
    The spetmother was another victim of bad press. (yellow press, in fact). hahaha…

  2. Hi Tábata,
    That was really a very creative version. It was very nice looking at this story from a new perspective.


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