The Bear and the Little Girl (by Victor)


One afternoon, a big bear was waiting in a dark forest for a little girl to come along carrying a basket of honey.

-Are you carrying that honey to your aunt?

-Yes, I am

Is that honey is delicious?

-Yes, it is.

The bear asked where she lived and the little girl didn’t answer to the bear. The bear was angry and stole the honey from the little girl. The little girl cried , but the hunter ran after the bear and he killed the bear and gave the honey to the little girl.

You should never steal.

(Written by Victor – Juvenile 74)


One response to “The Bear and the Little Girl (by Victor)

  1. Dear Victor,
    I like your story. You were able to summarize it so well. I liked the idea of making the bear angry or hungry. Animals are sometimes hungry because people steal all their food and expellthem from their “houses”. Why did the hunter have to kill the bear? Poor bear. Great story anyway.


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