The Little Pigs (by Arthur)

  Once upon a time there was one family with three pigs. They needed to construct their houses. The first constructed with straw, the second with wood and the third with cement.

One day I was walking in the forest and stopped to look for their houses. And then I saw the pigs beating the wolf, while I was seeing this crime, I said:

 “I have to do something”, and I went there and stopped the fight. They told me what happened and I agreed with the pigs and we made the wolf never to come back. 

Moral of the story- The thief might be beautiful but when we are a team we overcome all the problems.

 (Written by Arthur – Juvenile 74)


2 responses to “The Little Pigs (by Arthur)

  1. Dear Arthur,
    First of all I would like congratulate for your synthesis capacity. In few paragraphs you could summarize the tale. But, for me the most important point is that you got the main idea, the union. This is the most important idea for an achievement.

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