John and Mary (by Andressa)

Once upon a time there was such a strange family. The kids, John and Mary had a good father, but a very bad stepmother. One day their parents realized that they didn’t have enough food to the whole family, so the stepmother convinced their father to abandon the kids in the forest, because doing that there would be more food for them.
In the other day, the stepmother woke the kids up and abandoned them in the middle of it. They got desperate and Matey started crying.
-What are we going to do now? – asked Mary.
-I don’t know-said john-but let’s look for help.
Then they started running and found a little house, and guess what? The house was made of sweets! They knocked on the door and asked the old woman something to eat, because they were starving.
-Yes, come in. I’ll give you food and a bed to sleep-aid the old woman-come, come.
When they got inside she locked the door, gave a horrible and frightening laughter and said:
-I’ll eat you, dumb kids!!! Hahahahaha…
-But… Wait…-said Mary-we’re so thin and so dirty, we might not taste good!
-Yeah, that’s true. And… and we know someone who might taste much better than us!
-Do we know someone?-asked Mary-oh, yes I’m sure we do-said her, blinking to John.
-Hum… Ok, but you’ll take me to her tomorrow morning. Oh, and don’t try to escape, because I’ll find you!!
So she went upstairs and Mary looked at John and asked who he was thinking about and how would they live without money. So he said:
-Our kind and gentle… stepmother. And, ah, look, there into that cup!
Lots and lots of jewels were inside a little cup. They stole it all and lay down on the floor, to sleep.
When they woke up they took the old woman to their house and asked her to wait outside. After that they got inside the house and told everything to their father so he hid while their stepmother was cooking in the kitchen. The kids told the old woman to go to the kitchen, so she went and hit their stepmother with a metal candle, put her into a bag and took her away.
When she was gone, the kids showed their father the jewels which had been stolen. Since that moment they’ve never starved again and lived happy for ever.


2 responses to “John and Mary (by Andressa)

  1. Dear Andressa,
    It´s a very, very good story. You didn’t forget any aspect of the story, but for me in spite of the beaty of your drawing (colors, shape, image, etc..), that is something that comes from you, I realized that you didn’t make any personal conclusion. For you what does it means? Which kind of message you got from it? I really appreciate your job but I would like to know what do you think about the story. Congratulations! Very good and beautiful job.

  2. Thanks for writing this.

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