Ambitions (By Natália and Carol)

The best Doctor        

My biggest ambition is to be a doctor. To do that, I want to study hard since I am a child, because I have to prepare myself for the future. I would like to travel around the world to learn more about my future job. I hope to speak many different languages, because I could work in different places. I want to have a big office to have a lot of pacients, so I’d like to help the biggest number of people I could. I also hope to help the poor people, who don’t have money to pay a good doctor. In fact, I would like to be the best doctor I can and help all the poor people.         I would like to win a lot of money with this job, to buy a big house. I want to married a person who loves me and will makes me very happy. I hope to have a lot of children with this person, so I would like to have many space in my house for my kids play a lot and have a big swimming pool for they have a lot of fun. Finally, I hope to have sucess with my job and stay with my family all my free time. So I hope to we be very  happy together.    


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