The hunter and the fisherman (by Milton)


One day the fisherman decided to fish in the river and looked at animal being badly treated by a hunter and decided to protect, he threw fishing rode and threw in the head of the hunter, saved the animal and went home. The following day the fisherman was in the same place and looked at the same animal and discovered that the animal could speak. The fisherman talked to the animal and discovered : its name was Bambi.

We must not exterminate the animals.

(Written by Milton – Juvenile 74_  


2 responses to “The hunter and the fisherman (by Milton)

  1. Hi Milton!

    I like your story about the fisherman who saved an animal. Could that animal do something for the finisherman who saved his life. This story can be continued.

    I’ll love to read about the good end of this story!


  2. Hi Milton,
    I agree with Ibrahim. This is nice story showing that animals and men can be friends. Congratulations on your creativity.

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