The Future


We are all concerned about the future. When we think about what is going to happen, will happen or may happen, we think about certain areas of our lives. We think, for example, of education. What is going to/will/may happen to teachers and students? Another subject is teenagers? What will happen to them? How will their lives be different? What about families? What will be the changes? And transportation? Please share your predictions with us. Explain why you think these things will happen.


9 responses to “The Future

  1. I think in the future there won’t be students and no teachers, because the computer will teach all the humanity. The people may be crazy because everbody won’t go out, the robot will do everthing. The parents won’t meet the their children because the world will be destroied with the global warming. These things will happen because the people are destroing the world with tecnology.

  2. I think in the future the teachers may be substituted for computers, and they wiil teach everybody. the schools may desappear, because nobody will get out. Everybody will learn in their own houses by internet. Notebooks will be substituted by laptops and computers. Teenagers will have new subjects like computer classes, and their families will get concerned with them, because they will be in the internet all the time

  3. the teachers will be robots,the students may have laptops and they will study very hard.
    the cars won’t have tires and the planet earth will be hot.
    The people won’t go to the beach because the sun bearn the body of people.More people will starve and have less food.

  4. Teachers and students will be more friends. The teenagers will have many friends and will be lazier. their lives will be different. familis will be diferente too. we will travel in spaceships.

  5. In the future, many things will be different from now. There may be less water because there will be more pollution. We think there may be fewer teachers because the students will use more computers and other technologys. Probably the families will be shorter because people will want to have only one kid. More people will can visit other countries and even study there.

  6. Prisilla and luisa

    the students will study more and they will have more responsability. the teachers may be more strict. the teenagers will be more independents because they may be have more responsability. their lives will be different, because the houses were be very modern and the people won’t do chores in the house. the families weren’t more friendily. the tranportation were more sofisticate, but the life to that people will be best if there will less polution.

  7. CarolYna and JadH

    Every day, we think about the future… We do some questions for us that we think may or will happen.
    In our opinion, the education will be verry different. All the studants will have a computer. There won’t be books and the teachers may be the computers. The people who clean the flor may be robots and the people will have more free time. The robots will work for the people, and the govern may give for the families some money for they live.
    About the pollution, we think some rich countries will do something to stop the pollution. There may be cars, that don’t harm the world. And the people will clean the rivers and the plants will grown again.
    The families may pass the time together, and do some activities they didn’t do before.
    The will be more fast food and the people will be fat, because they will eat only that.
    I hope to the world be more beautiful to live and I would like to the people will be more happy.

    CarolYna and JadH.

  8. natalia and lilian

    In the future people will study more. The subjects may be more difficult. There will be more and best schools, they will be cool because that the students may like the school and go there more frequently.
    There may be computers in all the classes and other different things.The teachers will be better and have to study more to teach well and better than now.The parents will oblige your children to study more too.
    There will be less violence in world. There may be survillance cameras in the streets.There will be more policemen and more guns to help them. There will be less criminals, dies and people will live more,because the life and health will be better. There may be cure for cancer and people will not die because that.

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