Home remedies


For a headache, I think people should take an aspirin. If you have a stomachache, you should… What are some more advice you can give to someone with some problems? For example: insect bite, toothache, backache, etc… What are things you should or shouldn’t do?


7 responses to “Home remedies

  1. For an insect bite, You should put some lotion. For toothache, you should eat ice cream, but shouldn’t eat solid foods. For a cold, you should take lemon tea with honey but you shouldn’t eat ice cream. For stomachache, you should drink boldo or an antacid, but never eat more. And for backache, you should go to bed and lie down.

  2. you should a stomachache an boldo and estomazil.

    for a backache,I think people should take massage.If you have a toothache,you should use an amoxilina.

  3. For a cold you should take a cup of soup and take some a benegrip but you shouldn´t eat ice cream.For a stomachache you should drink boldo and take some antacid but you shouldn`t eat a lot and eat candies.For an insect bite should use some repelent.For a headache you should take some aspirin but you shouldn´t listen to loud music!!For a toothache you should go to the dentist but you shouldn´t eat meat!!!

  4. For a cold and toothache, you should the drink lemon tea.For a stomachache, you should the drink boldo tea.For a headache, you should take the Neosaldina.For an earrache, you should go to the doctor.For a backache, you should a lie down.

  5. For an insect bite you should put some insect repelent. For a stomachache you should drink some boldo. For a backache you should lie down. For a cold you should drink some lemon tea with honey. For a sore throuth you should drink some soup or tea.

  6. Matheus and Rafael

    If you have earache you should put alcohool in your eyes and before you need put cotton in your ear,if you have a stomachache you shouldn´t eat candy and coke,If you have a cold you should take aspirin everydays until you get better,if the instructions don´t get better you need go to the doctor!

  7. Thiago Angelus ~*

    If you have an insect bite, you should put some repelent on your skin, but you shouldn’t rub your infected skin. If you have a toothache, you should take a cup of tea with honey, it’s very good! But you shouldn’t drink iced water, because it only worsens this problem. If you have a backache, you should take a sleep in a confortable bed, it is very confortable to you in this problem! 😉 .. If you have a cold, you should take a cup of soup, it can help you a lot! ^^ … These are some of the problems which can be solved with simple solutions! First, find your problem, and after take the solution, and you will get better! o//// .. Good luck! O____o”

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