My Family


I don´t have a very big family. I have four siblings. I have three brothers and one sister. Two of my brothers and my sister  live in Goiânia and they are married (I have two sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law)  and they have children. So I have four nephews and three nieces.  I love them. I also have two uncles and four aunts, and of course some cousins. I love spending Christmas with my family. When I am on vacaiton we always get together. So it is always good to be with my family. How about your family? Tell us about it.


9 responses to “My Family

  1. I don´t have a big family!I have two brothers and one sister. My brother and my sister live with my mother and I live with my dad! I have one uncle and three aunts, and I have a lot cousins! I love party with my family, because they´re crazy!I´m very happy, because of my family!

    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 9:00 am
    Hi Miguel,
    You have a small but nice family. I think when families are small we have extra reasons to love them more. Partying with our familes is one of the best things of life.
    Thaks for your comments

  2. Tahigo Alves dos Santos

    I don’t have big family too. I have one silbling. I have one sister, her name’s Taiane. I have one brother-in-law. I have a lot of uncles( I don’t know all) and a lot of aunts too. I have only one grandfather and one grandmother, they are parents of my father, because my mother’s parents died. I also have a lot of cousins, and I like them.
    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 9:03 am
    Hi Tahigo,
    Just one sister. That is nice. I have one sister too and we are very good friends. You are lucky to have grandparents, they are really great.
    Thanks for your comments

  3. Neillyse e Fernanda

    I have a big family. I have one sister. My father is from MG, and my mother is from Goiás.
    my sister and I are from Goiás. I have 17 uncles, and 28 cousins. I have one grandfather and one grandmother. I love my family. They’re very important for me.

    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 9:08 am
    Hi girls,
    Wow! That is a big family. Just the members of your family are engough for a great party at the end of the year. You are really fortunate to have such a big family.
    Thanks for your comments

  4. I have a very big family, I have one brother and one sister. I am not married.
    my father’s name is Jose Andrade he’s 50 years old. He’s from Goiás. He works
    for Soltec. My mother’s name is Maria Oliveira she’s 38 years old she’s from São Luiz, Maranhão. She’s works at Itamaraty.

    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 9:11 am
    Hello Matheus and Bruno,
    You guys have a nice family. I like the name José (don´t know why he,he). I see your parents are from different places. This is very common in Brasília and it is nice to have this mixture of people from Brazil People from Maranhão are really nice. I am from Goiás too and I love the state.
    Thanks for your comments

  5. I have a small family. I have just one brother, he’s 18 years old and he’s a high school student and we live together. I also have three uncles and one aunt, and some cousins. All my family lives in Brasília. In holidays we always spend time together, sometimes in my aunt’s farm, it’s a very nice place for rest and have fun.
    So, I love my family and it is always good to be with them.

    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 9:15 am
    Dear Fabiana,
    you do have a small family. I think this is nice because you probably get to know your brother really well and you are probably very close. Spending time in your aunt’s farm must be really nice. I grew up in a farm and have good memories of those times. You are right, it is great to be with our family.
    Thanks for your comments

  6. Renan Domingues de Lima

    My family is very small. I have one brother, his name’s Lucas. He lives with me, with my mother and my father. I have one aunt and two uncles, I also have three cousins. I stay with my parents and my brother at Christmas, but I don’t stay with my grandmother, uncles, aunts and my cousins. I always travel with my parents and my brother too. I love them.

    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 2:38 pm
    Dear Renan,
    You have a small family, as you said, and Chistmas is a time to celebrate love in a family. I thinking spending Christmas with the people we love is great. I didn’t much experience of traveling with my family, but I think it must be wonderful.

    Thanks for your comments

  7. I don’t have a very big family. My family has three siblings. I have two sisters and one brother. We live in Brasilia, but my sister, Cintia, does not live in my house because she’s my half- sister not daughter of my mother. She’s 20 years old and lives with her aunt.
    My brother, Eduardo, 11 years old and is a student at SESI the Taguatinga Norte and my sister, Vanessa, is10 yers old, too.

  8. Thiago Angelus ~*

    I have a big family! “Only” about fifty people of my mother’s side and about forty people of my father’s side. I live with my mother and my grandmother, but the other part of my family, my father’s part, lives in Spain, Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul. I live only with my mother’s family, and in this side, I have my mother and my grandmother (of course, dããã), eleven cousins, three aunts and three uncles, but it is only on the first generation… the other side of my family, I have my father, a grandmother and a grandfather, my six cousins, my two uncles and one aunt. I have a big variety, but I don’ have much contact with my father’s family side ¬¬ .. only in the end of the year I see them … >.< … but I’m proud of my family, and love all the people of my family a lot!

    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 2:43 pm

    Dear Thiago
    You certainly have a very big family. Besides that you also have a very diverse family. In your family there are people from many different places. That must be really nice when you meet them. Probably there is always somebody you have never met or somebody you don´t recognize. You are right to be proud of your family, it seems really nice.

    Thanks for your comments

  9. I have one big family. I live in Aguas Claras with my father, my mother, my sister and my brother. My brother is thirteen years old and he´s very ugly. My sister is four years old and she´s very, very beautiful and very happy. My mother is very beautiful, but she is works hard, aff. My father is … , hehe, he works for Correios. We don´t have a dog, but we had a fish, he is dead. We are travel a lot, we go to Valentin Gentil, From São Paulo, see the rest of my family. I love them all.

    José Antônio on 26 Oct 2007 at 2:48 pm

    Hi again Renan,

    I see you like writing and this is very good for learning. So, your brother is ugly (he,he,he). Thank God youhave a beaufitul sister. I am sorry your fish has died. I hope you will get another soon. I love pets. I have never had a pet fish, but I have had some dogs and cats. They are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing

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