Exploring Changes


The world and humanity is changing, that is a fact. Please talk about some changes that have taken place. In your opinion, is the world, humans, society getting better and better or worse and worse?


14 responses to “Exploring Changes

  1. Hi teacher;

    I think independ because the tecnology is better and better.Many people are using the net in many places with the wirelles. But with respect to violence, I think it is worse and worse. Nowadays many roobet are increased.
    About education is better and better too, many scholls are modernizing their classes and laboratories. In the world is necessary has degree university.
    José Antônio on 27 Oct 2007 at 4:20 pm
    Hi Alessandra,
    I agree with you that technology use has increased in the past years. wireless technology has allowed us tto connect from almost anywhere. mOdernization of schools is also a good thing. I think violence is really a concern.
    Thanks for your comments

  2. The education around the world, in the last years, is changing a lot. Nowadays, a university degree is the basic. Different from the past, if you want to get a really good job and really good life, you need to do more and more post-graduation courses.
    Althougth, the number of universities increased in the last years and the post-graduation courses are more acessable to everyone. Just left one question to do about this, Are these university degrees really good?
    José Antônio on 27 Oct 2007 at 4:25 pm
    Hi Gabriel,
    You are right, education has become really important. People are supposed to study more than they used to in the past. Your question really touches on an issue: the quality of education.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Eating Habits,

    People around the world, have changed their eating habits.
    The number of health options of food has increased to help anyone who wants to live more or just wants to stay in shape.
    Food , in general, is becoming less and less caloric in spite of people eating more and more fast-food because they don’t have a lot of time to spend eating every day.
    José Antônio on 27 Oct 2007 at 4:26 pm
    Hi Aline,
    Eating habits have really changed these past years. I love having more options of health foods and try to follw a balanced diet. I think this is a good change because it makes people healthier and give them a chance to live longer.
    Thanks for your comments

  4. Nowadays the world is worse than it was in the past. Some statements:
    Despite the world having resourses to supply every person, people are dying of hunger.
    Despite the number of cars increasing, the quality of roads is decreasing in Brazil.
    Icebergs are melting because the world is hotter and hotter.
    Large cities are becoming more and more violent.
    People care less and less with the others.
    José Antônio on 27 Oct 2007 at 4:36 pm
    Hi Raphael,
    I agree with you that in some areas the world is really getting worse. These facts you have mentioned illustrate this dark side of our world. As you said, we have all sorts of problems in the environment and in society.
    Thanks for yor comments

  5. Felipe Fagundes

    In my opinion the society is getting worse and worse. The world is diferent nowadays, and some negative actions are destroying it. But this difference is not very good, because with a lot of buildings, industry and polutions, the world is hotter and hotter every time more. Despite the Amazonas in Brazil is almost over, it has the most beautiful green zone in the world. People in every place in the world say Brazil is the best place to live, and I agree with it. Violence,poor,politics stollen are kinds of bad thinks what we have here in Brazil, on other hand we have the beautiful people, beautiful beaches, beautiful places to visit and others thinks to enjoy.
    José Antônio on 27 Oct 2007 at 22:42 pm
    Hi Felipe,
    Our destructive actions are really changing the world. I agree that Brazil is really a beautiful place, but we sometimes take it for granted. Violence and poverty are really some of the problems that make us sad about what is happening in this country.
    Thanks for your comments

  6. Society has changed a lot in last years. In the same way, family has changed its structure. In the past, just the man worked out while the woman stayed at home. The man’s role was to supply all the family’s necessities. In the other hand, the woman was responsible for taking care of the children and the house. Nowadays, this role has changed more and more. Men and women work out and children stay at home with a maid or by themselves. Children are isolated and their lives are dependent on technology. This new society has produced lonely and selfish people. It’s a thing to think a lot about, because the future is on these children’s hand.
    José Antônio on 27 Oct 2007 at 22:47 pm
    Hi Talita,
    Very nice things you wrote. It is true that the roles of women and men has changed so much. As you said, kids suffer with all these changes and get lonely sometimes. It is really a reason to be concerned about the future.
    Thanks for your comments

  7. The cities around the world have changed a lot. The number of cars on the road has incresed, the quality of the air breathe decreased, the world’s population use more drogs, the people use more and more fire arms in cities. But today the tecnologies make more confortble for the people to live in the city.
    José Antônio on 27 Oct 2007 at 22:55 pm
    Hi Flávia,
    All these changes are really happening. It is true that for one side some of these changes are not so good, but life has become more comfortable.
    Thanks for your comments

  8. Hi teacher;

    I think many things about the changes. Tecnology is better and better.Many people are using wireless tecnology in many places in many hours.The students too.
    About education,having a university degree is most important, instead of, you spend a long time in free hours study.
    The family, nowadays is very important, despite there many fathers and mothers working many hours a day. They are more friendly with the sons and children.
    The changes about the eating habits are better and better but it has decresead the number the people eating these foods last year. The people are drinking a lot of cokes and eating a lot of chocolaties.They will be “cough potatoes” in the future.
    The city has increased last year too. I think worse and worse because the violence.
    The culture independ, I think better and better too.
    José Antônio on 1st Nov 2007 at 9:10 pm
    Hi Alessandra,
    Yu are so right technology is getting better and better. Besides that, more and more people are using it. Universty degrees have really become important.Itis bad indeed that people are eating so much junk food.
    Thanks for your comments

  9. vanderli da silva alencar

    The tecnology has changed people life. However, they don’t speak so much with each other very offten.
    some parents don’t worry very much with their children in spite of not having so much free time to be with them.
    Despite the increase in the number of job young people can’t find any job .
    Most student do their homework at home intead of not having so much free time.
    some company don’t have good workers isntead of not having goo education program.
    Children are learnig more from other instead of learnig from their parents.
    José Antônio on 1 Nov 2007 at 9:12 pm
    Hi Vanderli,
    It is true, technology has really changed our lives and sometimes for the worse because people do not use th9is same technology to contact their peers. It is a shame it is building so much isolation. And jobs are really scarce for young people.
    Thanks for your comments

  10. Daniela moreira de magalhães

    The Technology has changed a lot the last years. we have a variety of technology as cell phone, internet, email, fax and etc. Exist advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are communication with other people. Communication a long distance and communication more easily. Disadvantages are not see the person face – to- face and etc.
    Education has modified a lot, so today the education is better and better than past. Today have a lot schools, a lot teachers and a education is a good moment.
    The family continue the same thing, but exist family in harmony and disarmony until today.
    Eating habits changed a lot, because the vegetables has pestcides, fat and etc.
    City is changed a lot too, because the cities are more violent, more polution and etc.
    the culture are better and better, because today has a lot movie, cinema, theater and museum.
    José Antônio on 1 Nov 2007 at 9:17 pm
    Hi Daniela,
    It is true that face to face communication has decreased an education is getting better better in some cases. Howevr public education is not that good. Something needs to be done in this sector. Violence is reallyone of our biggest problems.
    Thanks for your comments

  11. I believe that the world is better and better. The evolution brings bad things but, it brings more positive . For example, medicine. It had evolved with good things. Many desiases aren’t more afraid to us. The transports are very better, because they are faster and safety, for example, planes and ships. Despite having bad side, the internet helps so much in many things. People that live in distance places can talk with their families. Instead of waiting for a long time for the answer when we send a letter, we receve the answer in some seconds using internet. The families are different too. In a not long time ago, fathers were very strict and thought only in roles. Nowadays, fathers are very friends of your daughters, son and wives. The mothers work outside. They get this right!! They received their own money and they are independent. Dispite these advantages, one bad thing happends so much, it’s the divorce. Increase so much the number of divorces in our contry. The relationships are very weak and don’t support any fight or tiff. The eating habits are very different. Many healthy foods were changed for sandwuichs and pizza. These bad habits add to many diseases. Well, dispite having many disadivantages, we are passing for a evolution, and we will have in the future things better and better than now, it’s only we learn how win the problems that appear.
    José Antônio on 1 Nov 2007 at 9:21 pm
    Hi Aneline,
    You really mentioned some important changes that have taken place with evolution. It is really interesting to see how families have changed. Things are not the same and it is true that relationships are lasting less and less. I just hope you are right baout this evolution taking us toa better world.
    Thanks for your comments

  12. How to compare if it’s getting better or worse? The medicines seem to improve quality of life, but the dependance on technology and development into war machines can easily cut life short…

  13. Hi Sketch,
    It is really difficult. I also get mixed feelings about it. It is true that we seem to make progress in one area and to move backward in others.
    All the best

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