Class News – A Wonderful World

A Wonderful world


Another world was discovered by a NASA scientist today. The name of this world is Crystal. There are one million people in there. This world is perfect, there is no pollution, violence, crimes. Why? In 1024, these people suffered good mutation. Inside these people there is a good heart. They are kind to each other. This new world is safe because people would like to be the same. So it is impossible…

 Lilian and Jadh


One response to “Class News – A Wonderful World

  1. Crystal, the new world, was invaded by Marcians!
    Now in there is a great pollution, have crimes and is desorganized…
    The marcians who gave arms to Crystal people brought negative energy, too.
    The people whose energy was good, now are very bad.
    Now we have to help these people!

    Jadh and Lilian

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