Class News – A Terrible Tornado


There was a terrible tornado in Japan yesterday. Many houses were destroyed and 500 peple were killed. The rescuers looked for survivors by helicopters and they found a lot of injured children in a shelter. People around the worl were asked tohelp the families that had lost everything in this disaster.

Tábata and Arthur


2 responses to “Class News – A Terrible Tornado

  1. The children who were found in the shelter were very tired and afraid. So the rescuers sent them to a big house where they could sleep and have food. After a few days they were more calm and started to play and laugh. The things that the children were playing with were balls and dolls. These toys were given by people from all world and who wanted to help. Then all they lived in a world of love and peace forever.

  2. Next, the accident a man who survive told what happened.
    first, the man saw the tornado and run for his house, after that he called to emergency but it was late!
    the emergency arrived in that place and found many children who had been in the accident. it’s terrible! the place where happened the accident was destroied.

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