Class News – The Crime


Today two men were seen robbing a bank. The police was called by a girl who saw it.  When the police arrived, one of the men escaped and the other was arrested. The man who was arrested was questioned for four hours. He said he had thought of committing this crime many years ago. He will stay in jail for ten years. The money was taken back to the bank. The police is looking  for the other man who escaped.

 Carolina and Victor   


One response to “Class News – The Crime

  1. Carolyna and Victor

    The man who escaped was found two days later at his mother’s house. She said she didn’t know that the police had been looking for him.
    The police arrested him and found drugs, some guns and a lot of money in his suitcase.
    The bank that was robbed has tighten the security. The manager said the bank would continue to work. But the people who work there are afraid. They fear it might happen again.

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