Class News -The Dangerous Tree


This morning a tree fell on interstate 70. The fall was caused by the rain. A car was driving too fast and when the driver saw the tree on the ground, he couldn’t stop. So, it hit the tree, and the other car hit the next car, and the next car, and so on. The result was that ten cars were involved in an accident that was caused by a tree. The people who were in the first car died. That’s so bad, but the other cars had survivors. The people who were injured were taken to the hospital fast. There were a lot of witnesses . So, the emergency service was called and a lot of people, who were very lucky, were not hurt. However, the Interstate 70 was closed for about two hours because it was very difficult to take the tree out of the road.

Paula and Natália


One response to “Class News -The Dangerous Tree

  1. natália and paula

    The policeman who interviewed the witnesses was very hurt because the witnesses was the murder that killed his wife but he didn’t know.When the policeman was interviewing the witnesses ,he shot the policeman however he didn’t kill him.The policeman who was shot started to scream.The other policemen whose job was to take care of the police office where the murder happened, helped him but they couldn’t find the murder because he had already run away.

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