Alice and Gabriela`s School

in my school the students travel to school by car but in the Bahia the students travel to school by bus .
In Brasil the students got to school all kinds of weather.My trip school takes 15 minutes,but in Ceará the trip school days of students takes 1 hour.
Students life in my school it’s very easy. But in Amazônia it is not easy.
In my school don’t have school on saturday mornings.In my school there are special classes during summer vacation.In my class doesn’t have s


3 responses to “Alice and Gabriela`s School

  1. Larissa and Vera

    In our school, Marista is more beautiful than your school. The people are more intelligent.

  2. Gabriela and Alice

    In my opinion Sigma is biger than this school.
    The teachers are more intelligent than in Marista.
    Students are more dangerous than Leonardo da Vinci.
    Católica students are quieter than this school.

  3. In my opinion Marista is shorter than this school .
    Cor jesu boys are more handsome than Jk .
    Leonardo da vinci is more clean than inei .

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