Natalia and Julia`s School

In my school students travel to school by car. In the other schools students travel by bus. We go to scholl in all kinds of weather. In other school the students go to school only in sunny days.
My trip to school takes 15 minutes. The life of students is not easy. I don’t have class on Saturday morning. In the schools in Brasilia the students don’t have special classes in summer vocation, but in China some students do.The students in my class never go to school swimming. The nearest river is in Park Way. The name of my reagion is Mid Western. The boys study with girls and they talk in too. Girls can go out with boys. I never go swimming, but in Japan the students go every day. I have art class once a week. I play basketball twice a week and i praticed Ballet three times a week. I like very much my School.


3 responses to “Natalia and Julia`s School

  1. In my opinion your school is interestedin tham my school

  2. In my opinion your school is more are very inteligent than my school.

    In my opinion leonardo da vinci better than Jesus Maria José.

    In my opinion leonardo da vinci is clean than my school.

    Jesus Maria José are nicer than leonardo da vinci.

  3. Natalia and Julia

    In my opinion Catolica is bigger than Leonardo Da Vinci.
    The teaches in the Leonardo Da Vinci are nicer than the teaches in the catolica .
    In my opinion Galois is better than Guiness.
    The students in Catolica are more independent than Sigma.
    The cafeteria in Public school is dirtier than Marista.
    The students in Galois are more inteligent than Educo Cecan.
    In Leonardo Da Vinci the classes are quieter than Ceav.

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