My Favorites

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This is our first class. Please, tell us a little about what you like doing in your free time, your favorite tv programs, video games and so on.


14 responses to “My Favorites

  1. Filipe perreira vasconselos

    My favorite food is pizza and I like program favorite is ASupercamera and my favorite game is AQW.

  2. I love read books. I watch Istant Star and Vampire Diares. I like surf on the web. I listen to music.

  3. Victor W.:

  4. I love read books. I like surf in the web. I watch House. I listen to music every day.

  5. My favorite tv program is House,I love to play Combat Arms,In my free time I play Xbox,I love see TV,My favorite hobby is go Skating,my shape is Urgh,I like to go to the terraço shopping half of skate,And I love to play guitar,I made more of 16 shows,My favorite musician is Slash,I get inspiration from him,I went in his show when I went to the USA.On my last vacation,I love rock,is my favorite music

  6. Hey,my favorite tv programs is MTV.I don’t like video games. I like doing in my free time I talk to my friends and my family,surfing in the web and listen to music. I love music,traveling and movies!

  7. I read books, but I loooooove watch TV! I like watch movies with my father. I like too listen to music pop!


  8. My favorite food is hamburguer. My programs is TVZ. I love music end dogs.
    I like surf on the web.

  9. my favorite tv show is Icarly is very good ,my favoritevideo game is mario bros ,my favorite sports is swimming and voleiball.

  10. André Seiki Figueiredo Komeno

    Hello teacher. I like surfing the web in my free time. I like play soccer too. My favorite TV program is Fantástico. I like play PES 2010.

  11. In the free time I like watch TV, I like play computer, I like talk in the phone with my friends and my boyfriend, I like listen music, I like go to the shopping mall with my friends, I like hamburger, I don´t like vegetable and I like travel.
    My favorite TV program is Hanna Montana.
    I don´t like video games, I love pizza, I love my family and I like speak English.
    In vacation I went to Disney and it is perfect, everythink is beatiful, I liked so much.

  12. In my free time I like play my keyboard,I like play the sims on computer,I like read book,I like listen musical,I like travel and surf in the web. My favourite programs on tv is Hanna Montana.

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