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Ambitions (by Mariana and Paula)

My biggest ambition is to live in Portugal.To do that, I would like to find a good job in Brazil when I become rich I want to get my passaport and buy tickets of airplane.   I also want to get  married before I’m twenty four.I’m sure this will happen because I have a perfect boyfriend, and  he wants to marry with me.  I want to be a famous person. 


Ambitions (by Luisa R. and Tábata)

                                   SOFIA’S AMBITIONS 🙂

My name is Sofia. I have a lot of ambitions. One of them is that I want to be a doctor.I would like to help poor people and I hope to travel to Africa to help the children. I want to marry a polite man and have two kids: a boy and a girl. I also would like to travel to Europe and learn French.
Finally I want to be a musician and Know how to play piano.  

Ambitions (by Jade and Milton)

My biggiest ambition is to be a scientist. To do that, I want to study hard, pass all my exams. I would like to study in U.S.A.. After that, I would like to go to Japan.I also hope to be model stylist. I want to have a studio in my house, because I want to live in a big house.I hope to be in guiness book. To do that, I would like to break a record, but I don’t know how… And I would like to be very rich.

Ambitions (by Lilian an Luisa)

Our biggest ambitions         


Our biggest amibitions is study in other country. We would like to study hard here and get good grades. We want to study more languages.         We want to work so hard, because we need more money to study in to the best university. We want be an engineer. We would build many towns, houses to important people.         Finally we want to travel to poor countries to help the population. We would buy a lot of foods and toys to give us. After that  we want to make masters degree, because we need work more and help many people.          Our life isn’t only hope, we want travel around the world!         We would met different places buy a lot of clothes and present to our friends. We want to eat a lot of differents foods.         If good help us! 

Ambitions (By Natália and Carol)

The best Doctor        

My biggest ambition is to be a doctor. To do that, I want to study hard since I am a child, because I have to prepare myself for the future. I would like to travel around the world to learn more about my future job. I hope to speak many different languages, because I could work in different places. I want to have a big office to have a lot of pacients, so I’d like to help the biggest number of people I could. I also hope to help the poor people, who don’t have money to pay a good doctor. In fact, I would like to be the best doctor I can and help all the poor people.         I would like to win a lot of money with this job, to buy a big house. I want to married a person who loves me and will makes me very happy. I hope to have a lot of children with this person, so I would like to have many space in my house for my kids play a lot and have a big swimming pool for they have a lot of fun. Finally, I hope to have sucess with my job and stay with my family all my free time. So I hope to we be very  happy together.    

Ambitions (by Arthur and Levy)

My biggest ambition  

My biggest ambition is to be rich and famous. To do that, I would like to participate on BBB 10. I also want to be a host in a talk show. After that, I hope to live in U.S.A to be more famous. I also want to get married befora 25, with someone more famous than me. I hope to have a big house in Hollywood to be next to the movies studios.    

Levi and Arthur Class 74 

My Ambitions (By André and Ysmael)

Cure for Aids  

My biggest ambition is to discover a cure for cancer and AIDS. To do that, I would to study japanese. After that, I want to travel to Japan, next that, I hope to pass the best college in there. I want to be the greatest doctor fo the world. When I finish the college I would study and work hard because I want to discover a cure for cancer and AIDS and sell this medicine for USA and Japan. I will be very rich. 😀