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The hunter and the fisherman (by Milton)


One day the fisherman decided to fish in the river and looked at animal being badly treated by a hunter and decided to protect, he threw fishing rode and threw in the head of the hunter, saved the animal and went home. The following day the fisherman was in the same place and looked at the same animal and discovered that the animal could speak. The fisherman talked to the animal and discovered : its name was Bambi.

We must not exterminate the animals.

(Written by Milton – Juvenile 74_  


The Three Little Pigs (by André)


One day three pig sisters, wanted to construct a house for each one, the first one constructed a straw house, the second pig made a wooden house, and smarter pig made its house with cement and bricks. All passed one day until all the neighborhood already knew that three pretty and fat pigs were living there. In this neighborhood everybody spoke badly of the wolf of the 71 that ate all the new animals. In a dark night the wolf knocked on the door of the first pig. The pig was dying of fear and she didn’t want to open the door, then she heard a gigantic noise and all the straws flew. The small pig ran to the house of her sister, the wooden house, and not much later the wolf was beating on the door of the other one. They were dying of fear and they didn’t want to open the door, then she heard a gigantic noise and all the wood had fallen. The two small and fat pigs run to their older sister, the owner of the cement house. Soon the wolf  was there again beating on the door, each pig with more fear than the other one. The wolf knocked one more time on the door, but no pig opened it, then they listened to a gigantic noise and nothing fell. After the noise  everything was in silence and a low voice with the noise of  cry started to be higher, then the three sisters opened the door and found the wolf crying asking for a medicine to cure his cold.

(Written by André – juvenile 74)

John and Mary (by Andressa)

Once upon a time there was such a strange family. The kids, John and Mary had a good father, but a very bad stepmother. One day their parents realized that they didn’t have enough food to the whole family, so the stepmother convinced their father to abandon the kids in the forest, because doing that there would be more food for them.
In the other day, the stepmother woke the kids up and abandoned them in the middle of it. They got desperate and Matey started crying.
-What are we going to do now? – asked Mary.
-I don’t know-said john-but let’s look for help.
Then they started running and found a little house, and guess what? The house was made of sweets! They knocked on the door and asked the old woman something to eat, because they were starving.
-Yes, come in. I’ll give you food and a bed to sleep-aid the old woman-come, come.
When they got inside she locked the door, gave a horrible and frightening laughter and said:
-I’ll eat you, dumb kids!!! Hahahahaha…
-But… Wait…-said Mary-we’re so thin and so dirty, we might not taste good!
-Yeah, that’s true. And… and we know someone who might taste much better than us!
-Do we know someone?-asked Mary-oh, yes I’m sure we do-said her, blinking to John.
-Hum… Ok, but you’ll take me to her tomorrow morning. Oh, and don’t try to escape, because I’ll find you!!
So she went upstairs and Mary looked at John and asked who he was thinking about and how would they live without money. So he said:
-Our kind and gentle… stepmother. And, ah, look, there into that cup!
Lots and lots of jewels were inside a little cup. They stole it all and lay down on the floor, to sleep.
When they woke up they took the old woman to their house and asked her to wait outside. After that they got inside the house and told everything to their father so he hid while their stepmother was cooking in the kitchen. The kids told the old woman to go to the kitchen, so she went and hit their stepmother with a metal candle, put her into a bag and took her away.
When she was gone, the kids showed their father the jewels which had been stolen. Since that moment they’ve never starved again and lived happy for ever.

Little red riding hood (by Natália)


        I was very sick and I didn’t have anything to do, so I called my daughter and asked her if she and my granddaughter could go to my house. She said that she couldn’t, but my granddaughter could and she’d bring some candy to me.
The girl picked up her bicycle and went to my house. She went through the park, because it was faster. She couldn’t talk to strangers, but one wolf stopped her and asked where she was going, as she was very sweet, polite and didn’t lie, she said and showed him, how he would arrive at my house. He ran fast and arrived at my house, pretending to be my granddaughter.

However I’m very smart and I was suspicious, in fact I looked at my surveillance camera and saw who he was. So I called the police and they arrested him.
My granddaughter arrived and I told her the story, she was sorry about her innocence. Then, we ate a lot and the wolf couldn’t carry out his evil plan.

(Written by Natália -Juvenile 74)

The Little Pigs (by Arthur)

  Once upon a time there was one family with three pigs. They needed to construct their houses. The first constructed with straw, the second with wood and the third with cement.

One day I was walking in the forest and stopped to look for their houses. And then I saw the pigs beating the wolf, while I was seeing this crime, I said:

 “I have to do something”, and I went there and stopped the fight. They told me what happened and I agreed with the pigs and we made the wolf never to come back. 

Moral of the story- The thief might be beautiful but when we are a team we overcome all the problems.

 (Written by Arthur – Juvenile 74)

The Bear and the Little Girl (by Victor)


One afternoon, a big bear was waiting in a dark forest for a little girl to come along carrying a basket of honey.

-Are you carrying that honey to your aunt?

-Yes, I am

Is that honey is delicious?

-Yes, it is.

The bear asked where she lived and the little girl didn’t answer to the bear. The bear was angry and stole the honey from the little girl. The little girl cried , but the hunter ran after the bear and he killed the bear and gave the honey to the little girl.

You should never steal.

(Written by Victor – Juvenile 74)

Snow White (by Tábata)

My name is Myrian, but you always call me “Snow White’s step mother”. However, I’m not the step mother of that bad girl. She was a child when I found her walking in the forest. She had no family so I took care of her. The years went by and Snow White became a beautiful and greedy woman. The years went by for me, too. I was older and I couldn’t do the chores alone. I asked Snow White to help me cleaning our house. She felt indignation and made a plan: she created a beautiful story of witches, dwarfs and apples to win the prince’s heart. Now she has a life of a queen and everybody hates me. I was lovely, but I received hatred.
Moral of the story: don’t trust greedy people.
(Written by Tábata – Juvenile 74)