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Music and me


If I had to tell you what kind of music came up when I was a child, I think I would start with things such as Roberto Carlos and the Jovem Guarda ( New School) trend. After that, there were Caetano Veloso with Tropicália  and Raul Seixas and  so on. As years went by, I also changed the kind of music I liked and listened to. How about yourself? What is your own personal history as far as music is concerned? How did your taste in music develop? Please place a comment and let us me update my slideshow with your own favorites.


Cultural identity.Who am I?



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This is what Anita Roy had to say about cultural identity.“Cultural identity is a state of mind and heart. It’s not about personal habits, such as language, food, music and attire. It’s about how I feel any given day and at any given location. It’s also about gender, that unfortunate delineation, because it affects everything. If cultural identity talk bores you, fret not, the beauty of the web is such that you can exit right now.”  In    

Who are you? Are you defined by the place you live, the family you were born in, the food you eat? What determines who you are? Does it change or is it always the same? Which is most important in defining who you are: your country, your language, your school, your jobk, your hometown, your family’s hometown, or something else?