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The Model Millionaire and Why did I Become a Beggar?


When I was twelve years old my mother died and my dad was a famous doctor. But, a day my father was fired, we “lost” our house because we diddn´t pay the bills. So, we didn’t have school either, because we ran out of money and my dad couldn´t find another job.

Everything started one day when I was hungry, be we didn’t have money to buy food, so I started asking for money  on the street and I am still doing this.

Amanda and Raissa


I became a beggar because when I was a child I didn’t have a good family. We were very poor. My father drank very much and when my mother worked I baby sitted my brothers and sisters and I didn’t have time to study. When I grew up, I went to the streets and I talked to people to give money for me because my brothers were hungry.

Carlos Henrique and Pedro Lucas

I am a begar because I didn’t have a good job. And this happened, because I didn’t study. But it is not my parents’ fault because they said to me that I had to study to have a good job when I grow up.

Caique adn Kennedy

I became a beggar because I have seven children and I don’t have money to buy food for them, and I don’t have conditions to put them in a school. This isn’t my fault because I tried to work but I am not good at anything, but I believe I will be an important person in the world.

Diego and Natália

When I was 20 years old I didn´t study very much to become a nice profesional, because I hated studying and I was lazy to do anything. Then, I met friends who gave me drugs and I went away of my home and now my home is the city streets.

Ana Clara and Camila

Today there are many beggars in Brazil, we think it is because there are a lot of unemployed people. They are tired and unhappy, they don’t know what they need to do to be happy, then they start drinking and using drugs. Their families don’t like these things and tell these people to get out of their homes.

Raquel, Gabriela and Vinicius

I became a beggar because I didn’t have opportunity to have a good job. My father was  a homeless and drunk who beated up my mother and fought with me and my sisters. I want ed to go to school and my father didn’t like it because he wanted me working at home and asking for money on the city streets.

Rodrigo and Caio (El Matador)