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My Favorites

art pad drawing

This is our first class. Please, tell us a little about what you like doing in your free time, your favorite tv programs, video games and so on.


The best and the worst

The best cartoon on TV

The best cartoon on TV

Hi class,

In my opinion the best cartoon on TV is Courage the Cowardly Dog and the worst is Pink Panter. For me, Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city in Brazil and Campo Grande is the hottest city in the country. How about you? What is your opinion about TV programs you watch, music, soccer teams, cities, food, TV commercials, etc?



My School

Please, write about your scool and your school life. Continue reading

Class News – Drug Lord Arrested


Yesterday a drug lord was arrested in his mansion in Chapa  Hall. The police discovered the hideout tapping the phone of the traffickers. The man who was arrested is the most important drug trafficker in the area. His wife was arrested too. She has been wanted for three years. She has won the beauty contest of Chapa Hall (miss Chapa Hall). Now there will be no more drugs in the city.

 Ysmael and Vinicius

Ambitions (by Luisa R. and Tábata)

                                   SOFIA’S AMBITIONS 🙂

My name is Sofia. I have a lot of ambitions. One of them is that I want to be a doctor.I would like to help poor people and I hope to travel to Africa to help the children. I want to marry a polite man and have two kids: a boy and a girl. I also would like to travel to Europe and learn French.
Finally I want to be a musician and Know how to play piano.  

Ambitions (by Victor and Vinicius)

My biggest ambition is to be millionnaire, but to be millionnaire i will have to study and work hard.I would like to be a professional table tennis ,but to be professional i will have to train hard.I hope to be a doctor,but to be a doctor i will have to study hard and i don’t like it.    

Welcome to the world of blogging

Hi  everyone,

Welcome to my blog.  To begin with, I would like to say that  this is going to be a nice place to get news from the classroom and beyond. I am looking forward to seeing pages and pages of nice things in the near future.