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Class News – A Terrible Tornado


There was a terrible tornado in Japan yesterday. Many houses were destroyed and 500 peple were killed. The rescuers looked for survivors by helicopters and they found a lot of injured children in a shelter. People around the worl were asked tohelp the families that had lost everything in this disaster.

Tábata and Arthur


Class News – The Crime


Today two men were seen robbing a bank. The police was called by a girl who saw it.  When the police arrived, one of the men escaped and the other was arrested. The man who was arrested was questioned for four hours. He said he had thought of committing this crime many years ago. He will stay in jail for ten years. The money was taken back to the bank. The police is looking  for the other man who escaped.

 Carolina and Victor   

Class News -The Dangerous Tree


This morning a tree fell on interstate 70. The fall was caused by the rain. A car was driving too fast and when the driver saw the tree on the ground, he couldn’t stop. So, it hit the tree, and the other car hit the next car, and the next car, and so on. The result was that ten cars were involved in an accident that was caused by a tree. The people who were in the first car died. That’s so bad, but the other cars had survivors. The people who were injured were taken to the hospital fast. There were a lot of witnesses . So, the emergency service was called and a lot of people, who were very lucky, were not hurt. However, the Interstate 70 was closed for about two hours because it was very difficult to take the tree out of the road.

Paula and Natália

Class News – Fire in the Market


This morning there was a fire caused by faulty wiring. Two people were injured and one person was killed and the other people are fine. The firemen were called by some people who saw the supermarket burning. The whole supermarket was destroyed by the fire.

 Andressa and Luisa Rodrigues

Class News – Drug Lord Arrested


Yesterday a drug lord was arrested in his mansion in Chapa  Hall. The police discovered the hideout tapping the phone of the traffickers. The man who was arrested is the most important drug trafficker in the area. His wife was arrested too. She has been wanted for three years. She has won the beauty contest of Chapa Hall (miss Chapa Hall). Now there will be no more drugs in the city.

 Ysmael and Vinicius

Class News – A Wonderful World

A Wonderful world


Another world was discovered by a NASA scientist today. The name of this world is Crystal. There are one million people in there. This world is perfect, there is no pollution, violence, crimes. Why? In 1024, these people suffered good mutation. Inside these people there is a good heart. They are kind to each other. This new world is safe because people would like to be the same. So it is impossible…

 Lilian and Jadh

Class News – A Horrible Accident


Today at 7 am there was an accident on Pistão Norte Avenue. A truck and a motorcycle were involved in the accident. This happened when the motorcycle crashed into the truck. The man who was driving the motorcycle flew and fell down on the street. He died. The emergency service was called and it took nearly 30 minutes to reach the scene of the accident. The man who was driving the truck  in in the hospital. The doctor said he will be fine in three weeks. Pistão Norte avenue was closed for three hours, but now it is open.

Luiza Vilela and André